Building blocks for reopening

Building blocks for reopening


This comprehensive guide by Spektrix helps lay the foundations for a successful reopening whether you use their CRM system or something else.

What does the guide contain?

This new sector resource is designed to help arts organisations build, maintain and grow relationships with audiences. The guide explores key themes including audience segmentation, flexible customer service policies, and adopting continual improvement practices that you can put to use regardless of your organisation type or the system you're using.

It includes step by step guides, comprehensive audience strategies and industry expertise from TRG Arts, Indigo, One Further and Capacity Interactive.

Who is the guide for?

The guide is designed in such a way that it can be used by arts professionals from across the sector. The content is relevant for anyone responsible for managing audience relationships, pricing, sales or customer service.  All the resources within the guide are available to use online, so teams can collaborate remotely.

Organisations that invest in building relationships are best placed to weather the storm.

Brad Carlin, TRG Arts

Setting yourself up for success

Whilst your building is closed, use this interim period of time to set yourself up for successful audience relationships. Capture information on your audiences at every touchpoint with a Digital Data Capture and Conversion plan, helping you to understand who’s visiting your website, who’s engaging on social media, and who’s already buying or donating.

Use this data to introduce Buying or Relationship-Based Segmentation Models, or to challenge and refine your existing segmentation by comparing your expectations to actual online and booking behaviours.

Keep audiences connected to your work, even while you aren’t performing, by creating stories and online content to engage each segment of your audience. Ticket your online events through your CRM system, and assign them to a programme strand, so you know exactly who’s engaging and you’re ready to tell them about the most relevant live events once you’re back on sale.

Connect with new audiences by casting your net wide with digital, print and partnership campaigns, then continually test and refine your messaging. Free up staff time and maximise impact with automated campaigns and continual improvement planning, helping you adapt to a changing world.

Read more about all these initiatives in and use the practical worksheets and planning tools to put them into practice.

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Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2020