Building a loyal online community

Building a loyal online community

By Katie Moffat


JustSoFestival is an annual weekend-long camping festival for children and their families. Since the first festival in 2009, it has almost doubled in size, from a capacity of 2,600 in the first year, to a sell-out of 5,000 in 2013.  With no money for advertising, the festival has grown through online and offline word-of-mouth. In this case study, Katie Moffat speaks to Rowan Hoban, co-founder of JustSoFestival, about the ways in which the organisers' online activity - website, Facebook and Twitter - has been utitlised to promote the festival.

How did you start off, given that you had no track record and existing customers?

We built the website ourselves and we set up a Facebook page and a Twitter account. We just started by engaging with people that we thought might find the idea interesting. I think the key was that right from the beginning we had a very clear vision of what the event and experience should be and how it should look and feel and we tried really hard to communicate that in everything we did.

Resource type: Case studies | Published: 2013