Build a high performing email marketing funnel in 6 steps

Build a high performing email marketing funnel in 6 steps


Email marketing is a reliable lead generation and conversion tool, according to most successful marketers. However, without a proper strategy and smooth automation, your email marketing can’t produce your desired results. That’s where email marketing funnels come into play. Raj Marwal an Inbound Marketing Specialist at Branticles explains what they are and why we need to use them.

What Are Email Marketing Funnels?

An email marketing funnel is a visualization of how an email subscriber matures from a prospective customer to a paying customer through promotional and informative emails.

It covers all the four stages of a buyer’s journey:

  1. Discovery
  2. Consideration
  3. Purchase/Conversion
  4. Retention

Email marketing funnels help you target subscribers with messaging that buyers in their position are looking for. By serving on-target and valuable content at the right time, you can successfully move subscribers towards conversion. That’s how top marketers leverage email marketing as a tactic to generate leads.

Impressive, right?

It is. Now, let’s discuss their significance in customer communications and conversions.

Why Build Email Marketing Funnels?

Customers are becoming more discerning by the day. They are easily turned off by “salesy” marketing messages that offer them little value. Once they dismiss a brand as self-serving, it becomes difficult for the brand to establish meaningful connections with them.

Email marketing funnels help you overcome customers’ mental barriers.

How, you ask?

Marketers who understand funnel building treat their subscribers as individuals, not faceless entities on their contact lists. They anticipate the subscribers’ needs and expectations in advance and deliver content that interests them.

By capitalizing on “moments of need,” marketers are able to foster subscribers’ trust. That is a turning point in customer communications. By following up emails with personalized offers and useful resources, marketers/brands cement the trust and elicit desired actions from subscribers.

The best part?

Unlike traditional funnels, email marketing funnels extend beyond conversions. They keep working, like a well-oiled machine, until a customer yields repeat sales and/or referrals.

Plus, all of this happens automatically once you configure your funnel. No need to invest hours in crafting emails or segmenting targets.

Sound interesting?

Then check out the infographic below by It explains, step-by-step, the process of building powerful email marketing funnels.

How to Create a Powerful Email Marketing Funnel: The Ultimate Guide

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Raj Marwal is an Inbound Marketing Specialist at Branticles and has over 3+ years of experience working in marketing. He loves to write on a wide range of topics like digital marketing, tech, and many more.

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