Books on bikes: bringing the library to the people

Books on bikes: bringing the library to the people

By Jared L. Mills


In May 2013, the Seattle Public Library launched its Books on Bikes pilot project as part of the Library’s Innovation Campaign, an internal project to develop innovative ideas. Books on Bikes is an outreach project that aims to bring the library to the people with teams of two Library staff biking to events and introducing people to Seattle’s Library services.


  • To literally bring Library resources to where people are by providing Library services at high profile community events.
  • Through offering Library services on-the-go and by drawing attention to the Library and its services, the Library will be placing itself as a civic focal point and resource hub. 
  • During events, Library staff suggest books, sign people up for library cards, teach about resources and connect community members to individual services that matter to them.
Resource type: Case studies | Published: 2013