Bringing audiences and curators together via Twitter 'salons'

Bringing audiences and curators together via Twitter 'salons'

By Anna Mikhaylova


After participating in an international ‘ask a curator’ Twitter event, with only a so/so response, the museum realised that a more dedicated and strategic approach to social media activity was needed.  The launch of #музейнаягостиная (#museumsalon) has since been hugely successful and in this case study Anna shares what they've learned so far.

Our objectives were:

  • To build a friendly and comfortable Twitter enviornment where people can discuss museum collections, share their thoughts and ask questions.
  • To encourage museum curators to share their professional expertise and knowledge about museum collections in an engaging way.
  • To invite other Russian museums to collaborate and, as a result, enhance professional networking.
Resource type: Case studies | Published: 2014