Branding for museums

Branding for museums

By Robert Jones


To communicate with the world, an arts organisation needs first of all to be clear what it stands for. It needs, in other words, a clear brand. That clear brand, or idea, should help guide all the things the organisation does.

Starting from here
The opportunities for museums are huge – to build brands that make them into useful, indeed vital, platforms for people, whether they’re visiting in person or online. But there’s a long way to go. In our survey, some delegates were very confident, but over a third felt they had not yet pinned down their brand: 38% said ‘we have a brand but it’s not well defined’. As many as 25% admitted ‘we’ve never done serious work on our brand’. So the starting point for museums is to do that definition. And, as the role of museums changes, to make that definition work for the future, not just the past.

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Resource type: | Published: 2013