Branding: a working guide

Branding: a working guide

By Alex Beech


According to a paper called The New Rules of Branding, Building Stronger Brands Faster, the average retail lifecycle of a brand fell from twelve years in the 1970s to five years in the 1990s. In this article you'll find two case studies from Laban which outline how and why they had to review their existing brand - firstly due to a location move which signalled a big shift for the organisation, and secondly due to a merger with Trinity College of Music. The author describes how he had to establish a new brand which would both complement Laban’s existing identity as well as develop an umbrella brand for Trinity Laban to represent the joint activities of the two organisations.

What is a brand? When we talk about brands we are not talking about a logo or a clever strap-line – we’re talking about an idea that comes from within the organisation that drives everything that the organisation does. It is a promise of something unique that will make people want to get involved with organisation and interact with the brand and which sits behind the smart logo and clever strap-line.

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Resource type: Case studies | Published: 2013