Brand of Gold

Brand of Gold


A guide to branding and increasing the value of your brand.

Branding is about communicating an organisation's character and value, and a strong brand can help us retain existing customers and persuade potential customers to experience what we offer in our arts organisations.

For the arts sector, however, there are particular challenges about developing an effective brand, which are not just about our scarce resources. In the commercial sector we see strong brands that are about one distinct product, with one distinct market, with a prescribed relationship.

In the arts we are producing a different product sometimes every day, sometimes every month. We want to, and we have to, deal with lots of different markets, and we want a wide range of relationships. Moreover we do not just have financial objectives. We also have social and artistic objectives. This can make it difficult to have a clear offering, and a strong brand.

Brand of Gold demonstrates that branding in the arts is no more difficult - and no more easy - than branding in any other sector.

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Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2012