Brand marketing and your internal audience

Brand marketing and your internal audience

By Howard De Souza


We often talk about external audience development but what about internal audience development? This article addresses an area which it claims is not thought about very often and is the most critical part of the customer journey and brand experience - the people who deliver it. The author argues that the job of the marketer is to translate what is being communicated externally, to those who have to deliver internally - therefore ensuring the brand promise is translated into a favourable brand experience.

Brand marketing is perceived as being all about the outward-facing – building a relationship for the organisation and product with the ‘stakeholders’. However, the internal communications with the brand deliverers are often left to the HR department. But the HR department is not the department with the skills to translate the vision to people on the factory floor. The vision that needs to be communicated talks about the future and how the brand deliverers will be involved: it makes the vision relevant for them. This is not a job for an HR department focused on payrolls.

Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2013