Bookstart Corner: developing young children's love of reading

Bookstart Corner: developing young children's love of reading

By Booktrust


This report evaluates the impact of Bookstart Corner a project funded by the Booktrust. This programme was targeted at socially and economically disadvantaged families with children aged 12-30 months. Located in Children's Centres, Bookstart Corner offered intensive support for parents and carers to encourage reading for pleasure with their children to help develop a love of stories, books and rhymes.

The sessions generally involve a member of staff at the Children’s Centre visiting the family at home, but on occasion take place in the Children’s Centre. The resources used in the Bookstart Corner sessions are as follows:

  • A rhyme sheet and DVD for parents 
  • A green bag containing: Wow said the Owl and If you're happy and you know it picture books, an information sheet about each picture book, a 'Fun with numbers' sheet, a 'My first marks' pad and crayons and a DVD for parents about sharing stories 
  • Small 'Busy Bear' booklet, accompanying fluffy finger puppet and cardboard finger puppet, and a sheet of 'top tips' about using puppets
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Resource type: Research | Published: 2014