Battersea Arts Centre’s Great Hundred capital campaign

Battersea Arts Centre’s Great Hundred capital campaign

By Wendy Smithers


This case study describes Battersea Arts Centre's Great Hundred fundraising campaign, which has been launched as part of its overall aim to raise £13.3 million to complete a vital restoration and redevelopment project to create a 21st century theatre within its 19th century building. Today a hundred is taken to equal 100, but before the 18th century a “Great Hundred” equated to 120. Built in 1893, the home of Battersea Arts Centre (BAC) celebrated its 120th anniversary in 2013 and therefore reached its very own “Great Hundred”.

The Learning

What is interesting about this campaign is that it imaginatively connects donors with BAC's rich history and iconic figures that have shaped its journey as a building and a cultural destination. It tells personal stories about its "Great Hundred" that donors will get much more excited by than bricks and mortar. It gives donors access to an exclusive network where it can be part of meaningful conversations about the future of BAC and the arts in general. We may not have the building, the history or the icons BAC has but take inspiration from the way they have moved beyond the bricks to engage donors. What's the story for the future of your organisation?

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Resource type: Case studies | Published: 2014