Battersea Arts Centre's emergency appeal

Battersea Arts Centre's emergency appeal



On Friday 13 March 2015 a major fire at Battersea Arts Centre (BAC) destroyed the Grand Hall and Lower Hall spaces. Before the fire engines had put out the flames a national emergency appeal had been launched by BAC and the National Funding Scheme (NFS). The flexibility of digital fundraising through mobile and online donations contributed to the success of this fundraising campaign. This case study includes a useful infographic mapping the key elements of this appeal.

The Learning

  • The speed at which the campaign was set up was crucial to its success.
  • BAC trusted and authorized NFS to set up a campaign on their behalf.
  • Proven that donating via mobile phone/tablet enables immediate donations.
  • Tapping into the immediacy of emotion is key for a mobile giving platform.
Resource type: Case studies | Published: 2015