Audiences at the Heart: Ticketsolve collection

Audiences at the Heart: Ticketsolve collection


A collection of resources from the ticketing, marketing, CRM, fundraising and memberships platform for arts and culture organisations, Ticketsolve.  A Lead Sponsor for Audiences at the Heart, AMA Conference 2023, Leeds.

Empower your member scheme

At Ticketsolve, we believe that a well-executed membership scheme is a key driver for success in the arts, entertainment, and events industries. That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive whitepaper to help you get the most out of your programme.

Our whitepaper is filled with invaluable insights and actionable strategies to enhance your membership programme and drive revenue growth.

Download your free copy of Empower Your Membership scheme now (PDF)

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Website Accessibility with Catherine Turner

This Ticketsolve guide focuses on website accessibility and has been written in collaboration with technology accessibility consultant Catherine Turner.

The term ‘accessibility’ can stir different feelings and interpretations depending on where and how it’s brought into the conversation, but at its core, it’s about ensuring everyone has equal access to your online presence. This guide will demystify it and show you how to create a more inclusive experience for your audience.

  • What does Web Accessibility mean for your organisation?

    The guide aims to untangle the different connotations and meanings of the term “accessibility” to promote better understanding and drive change towards improving the online customer experience for all users, including those who need assistive technology.

  • Steps to be more accessible for all

    The guide provides ideas on what the next steps (or first steps) might look like for your organisation and how you can keep the topic of website accessibility at the top of your agenda going forward.

  • Resources, tools and best practices

    This guide shares with you a long list of resources, tools to incorporate into your practices and some best practices around alt text, video content and the customer journey.

Download the guide to Website Accessibility now (PDF)

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Case study: Regent Ipswich and Corn Exchange Theatres. Optimising operations across multiple venues

The arts, culture, and heritage industry was deeply affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Regent Ipswich and Corn Exchange Theatres faced an almost complete rethinking of certain aspects of their operations. The closure of their box office due to budgetary constraints, staff redundancies, and economic instability left them with fewer resources, increased uncertainty, and a loss of expertise.

Discover how Regent Ipswich and Corn Exchange Theatres, two leading entertainment venues in the region, faced dramatic change and leveraged the power of technology and people to create operational efficiencies across multiple venues.

Download your free copy of Optimising Operations Across Multiple Venues now (PDF) 

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Ticketsolve is a Lead Sponsor for Audiences at the Heart, AMA Conference 2023, Leeds.

Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2023