Audience focus from the top

Audience focus from the top

By Madeline Hutchins


The focus of this piece looks beyond the legal or financial requirements of an organisation's Board at how you can involve them more fully across the marketing function.  How do present information to them? How can you engage them more deeply in what you're doing? And how can you bring the needs and aspirations of your audiences to the forefront of discussions? With clear ideas on how you can make your relationship with your Board more productive.

This is what we are going to cover in this session; our goal is an effective arts board with good board and staff relationships, and in order to get that, I am going to get you to:
• picture your board
• check out the vehicle we are in
• look at some maps and models
• examine different ways of seeing, check out about role and context
• look at some guiding principles
• look at the practical aspect of meetings and how they actually work and can work better

We are looking beyond all the legal ‘have to do things’ that your structure brings with it today; there are plenty of other resources that will give you that type of information. We can influence how we do things in our organisations, and how effective our boards are.

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Resource type: Case studies | Published: 2013