Arts Ambassadors (training video)

Arts Ambassadors (training video)

By Helen Ball


People try a new arts activity when trusted people recommend it. And that’s where ambassadors can help you. This training video will talk you through three inspiring case studies of successful ambassador schemes to explain how they can help you promote your offer, develop your audiences and produce cultural events.

Part one: Introduction
— 6 minutes

Part two: What are the arts ambassadors models?
— 8 minutes

Part three: Case study — ambassadors who sell and promote
— 4 minutes

Part four: Case study — ambassadors who develop your audience
— 3 minutes

Part five: Case study — ambassadors who produce cultural events
— 9 minutes

Part six: Communicating with and about your ambassadors
— 7 minutes

Part seven: Top tips for happy ambassadors
— 6 minutes

Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2016