Anti Apathy: Engaging and exercising choice

Anti Apathy: Engaging and exercising choice

By Deborah Doane


What makes so many people in the UK dismissive about politics to the point where only about 50% intend to vote in the next election. Is it apathy or is it an issue of trust? This short paper introduces Anti Apathy, a cultural campaign designed to connect the politically drained and disengaged citizens with key issues of our times. In practice, that means recognising that you have a choice and it can affect your life enormously.

Anti Apathy was an alternative that began with club nights where we had film, music and talks. We set up a website and found people round the world asking if they could set up their own Anti Apathy. Anti Apathy then moved on to self-help, giving people a tangible list of simple things they could do to overcome what some people call apathy but what we thought was more not knowing how to get engaged. It then set up some simple social actions.

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Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2014