An introduction to qualitative research

An introduction to qualitative research

By Martyn Richards


Arts marketers by undertaking qualitative market research will help to improve their understanding of their audiences and influence an organisations decision making. Learn about the tools and techniques available, advice on how to carry out the research, which method to use (for example, focus groups), the advantages of using a consultant who is a member of the market research society and an idea of the costs involved.      

There are two more areas where qualitative research is especially effective, more so than quantitative research:

  • Communication:

Whatever form of communication it is, qualitative research is very effective at testing it, understanding how different methods are perceived and may or may not be acted upon by customers. Qualitative research should be seriously considered whenever planning, reviewing or changing communications.

  • New ideas:

Qualitative research allows us not only to test new ideas, but also to take it back a stage. This means that researchers might convene sessions with clients as well as with customers to identify potential routes forward in the future. These can be very beneficial for an organisation and can be tested through qualitative research.

Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2013