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An introduction to market research

An introduction to market research

By Jim Law


This is an ‘at a glance’ overview of the procedures to follow when commissioning market research; a handy checklist to keep by your desk, or on the wall to make the research process simpler.  This toolkit is the first in a series of seven toolkits designed to provide an introduction to market research - whilst acting as a handy refresher for experienced marketers.

  1. Set clear and simple research objectives – Research objectives serve as the foundation and guideposts for conducting market research. Understand what you are looking for, set yourself clear research questions and stick to them. Being fully aware of your objectives will help you focus both the research questions and the findings.
  2. Decide methodology – do you wish to count / quantify (quantitative) something or understand why people think a certain way (qualitative)?
  3. Design your research - questionnaire / discussion guide. Make sure you are asking the right questions and they are appropriate for the methodology i.e. closed questions for quantitative and open questions for qualitative.
  4. Sampling – Do you have an existing database? If not, how will you access your target population? How can you find your research targets? Do you have to purchase access or work in collaboration with another organisation?
Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2013