An insight into online behaviour

An insight into online behaviour



This seminar provides insight into how and why people use digital technologies, with a particular focus on young people, how use may be changing with the advent of new tools such as social networking sites, podcasts and vodcasts and how we might develop our digital marketing in line with the way that people use interactive media. It concludes that  online and social media resources allow arts organisations to embellish what they are doing in terms of communication.

Online Behaviour – insights and opportunities

MediaSnackers use young people as a barometer for measuring the impact of social media, gaining insight into why and how some methods are more successful than others. It is important to remember that:

• social media is no longer an online phenomenon as people can now surf on their phone

• The web is value neutral; whatever is good or bad, it’s what we do with it that gives it value, so we need to interact with it

The world has changed… and is not turning back. That’s the bit that scares organisations.

MediaSnackers has identified young people's attitudes to social media. They want it:

• whenever

• wherever

• multilayered

• free

Resource type: Case studies | Published: 2013