An inside view on data and fundraising

An inside view on data and fundraising

By Ben Park
Wendy Smithers


This guide is based on an interview with Ben Park of Minor Tickets on how arts and cultural organisations should be using data effectively within fundraising. It considers database management and the benefit of linking data; CRM and software options; skills and experience needed to develop use of data; how data can inform planning and donor insights; and how organisations can make better use of their data and databases.

As well as the Box Office data, getting contact lists from development, education and press teams will help you understand the organisation. Get all the lists in one place and you'll be better able to understand the total relationship individuals have with your organisation. Someone might not give much money but may give hours of their time as a volunteer in the education team and it won't look good if you're asking them for a donation without knowing this.

Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2015