An evaluation of 15 programmes of work with arts and disabled people

An evaluation of 15 programmes of work with arts and disabled people

By North West Arts Board


As part of its second year of activity under the New Audiences Programme, North West Arts Board worked with 15 organisations across the region to undertake action research in the area of Arts and Disabled People.  This evaluation report takes you through the process, from application through to final reporting, the key outcomes, what worked well and what didn't, and offers lessons and implications for future activity.

Four of the projects aimed at improving access to services and included some disability equality training for their staff and/or volunteers as part of the project. This training becomes integrated into the customer care values of the organisation, thereby increasing the legacy and the overall value of the Regional Challenge project to the on-going work of the organisation. Three of the projects aimed at the creation of work by disabled people were critical of the attitudes of carers of disabled people. The project holders perceived carers as making decisions on behalf of disabled people and/or as limiting the choices of disabled people. These criticisms might indicate a need for wider implementation of disability equality training or more detailed briefings for the carers of disabled people or a need for better practice of training already received.

Resource type: Research | Published: 2013