AMA’s Digital Marketing Day 2023 Collection

AMA’s Digital Marketing Day 2023 Collection


A selection of resources from the sponsors of AMA's Digital Marketing Day 2023 - The Future is Here.  Without our sponsors this event would not have been possible and we are hugely grateful for their continued support. Dip into this great collection for some added inspiration and insight.

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The content lifecycle: caring for your content

Zosia Poulter, Content Strategist at Substrakt explains the fundamental steps of a content production process for your website and how to tailor it to your organisation.

5 tips to improve your web writing 

In today’s digitally fuelled world, we’re all writers. We tag, post, publish and paste text more often than we realise. And a lot of the time, we’re not getting it right. We’re losing out on our readers’ finite attention. Zosia Poulter, Content Strategist at Substrakt gives us 5 tips to improve our web writing.

Putting your brand voice into action 

Putting your brand voice into action isn't straightforward. Zosia Poulter, Content Strategist at Substrakt helps us dodge the challenges and maximise the benefits of understanding 'Tone of Voice' (TOV).

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Working together to increase revenue

Maximise every income stream with a collaborative approach to audience experience in the arts. This new ebook by Spektrix, Working Together to Increase Revenue, gives expert advice on uniting marketing, box office and fundraising teams to maximise revenue and support data-led strategy.

Five questions to ask before you automate something on your website 

Andrew Ladd, Senior Product Strategist at Ten4 Design, helps us navigate the key questions we need to answer before automating our websites.

A digital marketing toolkit 

Ticketsolve, the ticketing, marketing, CRM, fundraising and memberships platform for arts and culture organisations have brought together a collection of tools that can be used for inspiration, to save time, to boost activity and, bottom line, to supercharge your digital marketing activity.

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Empower the future with digital 

Brighton-based digital marketing agency Grandad takes us through the importance of innovation and risk-taking to empower individual organisations and the sector.

Search Engine Optimisation: a selection of resources 

Cog’s Digital Strategist, Nazma Noor, has put together useful links and resources to accompany her SEO talk at the 2023 Arts Marketing Association Digital Day.

Digital Impact in Museums and Galleries 

A review of the barriers museums face in their digital work - from content production to building new websites, from setting up interactives to fundraising online. An Art Fund report with the Museums Association, One Further and Cultural Associates, Oxford.

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Next level digital marketing: a collection of resources from Tessitura  

Following their Next Level Marketing session Tessitura.  give us a collection of resources full of insight and practical solutions on digital transformation, digital strategy and creating a data-driven culture.

Beyond page views - measure what matters with Google Analytics 4

A playback pack from Digital Culture Network with slides and templates from their session plus 8 additional resources on maximising your use of GA4.

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