AMA Conference 2015 Marketing Essentials Collection

AMA Conference 2015 Marketing Essentials Collection

By Kate Feld


This conference collection brings together practical tips and advice on reaching different target groups, having productive conversations with your audience and more.

Introducing the Marketing Essentials Breakout Collection

The AMA conference 2015 brought together 650 inquiring minds working across the arts, culture and heritage sector to share ideas, insights and inspiration about our future relationships with audiences.

The keynote presentations were complemented by a range of breakout sessions that allowed delegates to look at the areas that interested them in more detail and at a level that suited them.

This collection brings you transcripts from our Marketing Essentials breakout programme.

Marketing Essentials were designed for those who are relatively new to the topics and working at marketing assistant or officer level.


  • Adapting your message to reach different target groups
  • Reimagining relationships with audiences through engagement with young people
  • How to have productive conversations with your audience
  • How to conduct an award winning marketing campaign
  • How successful is your marketing? The eight metrics of marketing success

The breakouts took place at Stay Curious AMA Conference 2015 at Birmingham Repertory Theatre on Wednesday 22 and Thursday 23 July 2015.

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