All the workplace is a stage – how to communicate with clarity and impact

All the workplace is a stage – how to communicate with clarity and impact

By RADA Business


In this research conducted by RADA Business they reveal how many of us lack confidence in our ability to communicate as well as we would like to and in the situations where we would seek to make our voices heard.  It also shows the value we place on the communication skills of others, for example when forming first impressions or looking for strong leadership.  The findings are accompanied by powerful insights from some of  RADA Business' leading tutors, highlighting ways in which acting skills hold the key to better story-telling, influencing audiences and communicating with clarity and passion 

Actors are the ultimate communicators. Their ability to grip an audience and, in the space of an hour or two, transport them to a different place and time, has always been at the centre of our culture. 

While from the vantage point of the front row it may seem effortless, this art of communication is the product of practice, training and hard-won experience. 

To boost their own performance, business professionals can look to the stage for inspiration. 

Every actor hopes for their big break - a role that gives them a chance to shine and show their talent. 

Workplaces are no different. From time to time the spotlight falls on us and we feel under pressure to deliver a strong performance. 

For many, this opportunity comes in the form of an important presentation or meeting. How we rise to meet this challenge can have significant implications on the ways others perceive us, as well as on future advancement in our careers. 

Once again, communication skills give us a framework to tackle such opportunities, and can help to avoid freezing with stage fright to make presentations with confidence and impact. 

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Resource type: Research | Published: 2020