A segmentation model for performing arts ticket buyers

A segmentation model for performing arts ticket buyers

By Alan Brown


Historically, target marketing efforts by arts marketers have relied on transaction data. A customer who buys a ticket to a dance performance, for example, is assumed to be a prospect for future dance performances, and is targeted accordingly. While past behaviour is certainly a helpful indicator of future behaviour, this report argues that should not be the sole basis for targeting and that values, beliefs, aspirations and motivations drive purchases and donations. The Values Survey aimed to elicit attitudinal information – values, beliefs, preferences and tastes – that relate specifically to attending and supporting performing arts presentations.

Eventually, we envision, every ticket buyer and donor in an arts organisation’s database will be profiled in-depth and segmented. The question arises if presenters will be able to afford to use this information, given their limited
marketing resources. Certainly, using a next generation customer database to “nano-cast” or target on a more granular level will require new resources, or at least a significant realignment of resources. But there is already clear movement in our industry and in other industries towards customized email and other electronic marketing, as well as digital printing which allows for the possibility of delivering a different message to every customer.

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Attitudes Segmentation
Resource type: Research | Published: 2013