A report on young people’s involvement in the arts

A report on young people’s involvement in the arts

By Mencap


This report details the outcomes of Mencap’s three consultations that took place between 2007 and 2009 aimed at discovering how people with a learning disability are engaged with the arts in England. They included young people with profound and multiple learning disabilities in the consultation and sought to cover as broad a geography and range of abilities as possible. Mencap wanted to know what type of arts activities they do, what type of arts activities they would like to do and what problems they have when doing arts activities.

The main things they told us about were

• not having enough money to enjoy arts

• problems with getting to places to enjoy arts

• finding buildings too hard to use whey they are there

• trouble getting support to enjoy arts

• finding information too hard to understand

• not feeling welcome in arts classes

We also asked lots of arts places and groups who do arts activities about the things they provide for young people with a learning disability.

This is a long report that talks about all the things that we found out. We have used this information to come up with lots of ideas.

Mencap hopes these ideas will make it easier for more people with a learning

Resource type: Research | Published: 2013