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8th April 2013 Sara Lock

A processional performance takes over Bournemouth

By: Gill Horitz

An article about the impact of a processional performance of Emergency Exit Arts’ Runga Rung show in Bournemouth. Programmed by Bournemouth Borough Council’s Arts Development Unit, the events chief aim was to raise the profile of good quality participatory arts work in Bournemouth and saw almost four thousand people take to the streets to enjoy the spectacle.

Touched by an experience of communitas

So what was the trigger for peoples’ special reaction, their raised spirits, and their engagement? What provoked superlatives, caused a ‘buzz’, a ‘thrill’, an experience like ‘an extraordinary and magical dream’, where people were ‘entranced by the sheer brilliance of it all’, and the ‘beauty’ of the finale, the visual feast of it all?

| Published:2013

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