A model for sustainable arts marketing in the education sector

A model for sustainable arts marketing in the education sector

By Julie Orchard


Founded in 2002 the Windmill Theatre is a not-for-profit performing arts company based in Adelaide, Australia. This case study describes how Windmill's award-winning Arts Community and Education Program reflects the company's belief that capturing the imaginations of young people early in their development helps to establish a life-long love of the arts. Using educators to facilitate direct dialogue between artists and young audiences, their projects include Artists in Residence (AIR) programmes, participatory workshops, university-based research projects and a schools’ education programme targeted at the Australian education sector.

Our Arts Community and Education Program broadly aims to:

  • Position Windmill Theatre as the company of first choice for children and families attending quality live theatre.
  • Communicate the value Windmill can offer as an authentic learning space alongside traditional performing arts programs.
  • Provide teachers with comprehensive educational tools to provide sound learning outcomes for their students.
  • Be a viable source of professional learning for teachers.
  • Encourage a view that a trip to the theatre can be a holistic experience for adults and children.
  • Contribute to a sustainable, organisational-wide audience development model of engagement with young audiences.
Resource type: Case studies | Published: 2014