A guide to getting free publicity

A guide to getting free publicity

By Arts Tasmania


This toolkit from Arts Tasmania offers advice on how to gain free publicity.  This practical resource gives many useful tips including how to prepare a media release and how to deal with media enquiries (including being interviewed by the media).  Handy examples of media releases are also included.  This easy to follow guide has been adapted for CultureHive with practical advice that is particularly relevant for arts professionals who are new to dealing with the media.

Why bother with publicity?
In a nutshell, publicity such as newspaper editorial or a radio interview is free, influential and can reach tens of thousands of people. It’s invaluable if you have a tight (or no) marketing and promotional budget and lends you and your project credibility. Good publicity can build your reputation and ideally provide opportunities for growth through greater attendance at your event or show, increased awareness of what you do and higher sales of tickets, CDs, books, artworks and more.

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Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2014