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6th November 2013 Sara Lock

A guide to creating great brands from the inside out

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This guide explores how an organisation can translate their brand into employee behaviour. It answers two key questions: how does an organisation keep their brand promise and how can it develop an employer brand.

How do organisations keep their brand promise?

We're all emotional and intuitive beings. As customers, that means we create our own ideas of what a brand means to us. When enough people arrive at the same gut feeling a company can be said to have a brand. That means your brand isn't what you say it is. It's what your customers believe it to be. And, while you can influence this customer perception, you can't fully control it.

A great brand makes all the difference. To grow your business, your customers have to develop emotional connections with your brand.

Employees are the link between your brand and your customers. Every time they interact with customers, employees create 'moments of truth' - moments when your customers experience your brand first-hand. Every time this happens there's an opportunity to keep your brand's promise. When it goes well, it's brilliant - enhancing your brand and making your customers and your employees smile. But all too often it goes wrong - usually in organisations which haven't managed to translate their brand into employee behaviour.

Translating your brand into 'something people do' is challenging. It means bringing your brand to life across culture, training, performance and remuneration and internal communications. It means making delivering on your brand the responsibility of everyone in your company. It's about integrating your external brand with your employer brand, creating a seamless experience for customers and employees alike.

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Homes guide to creating great brands from the inside out (PDF)

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