A framework for your digital marketing strategy

A framework for your digital marketing strategy

By Susan Hallam


Learn which social media techniques, sites and tools are appropriate for your organisation in this transcript of Susan Hallam's session at Digital Marketing Day 2009.

A framework for your digital marketing strategy

This will be a very practical session. It is not about being especially creative or artistic; it is about business benefits. It's also about measuring what is working.

There are many social media techniques, sites, tools. Which ones are appropriate? What is practical? Social media goes beyond Twitter and Facebook and they might not be the best ones for you.

Social media diagram

From this diagram, it is clear there is more to social media than social networking - important though that is. In developing a framework for a digital marketing strategy, this seminar will concentrate on the elements on the right of the diagram: publish, share, discuss, social networks, micro-blogs and life stream.

If it is search engine optimisation that we are interested in, then social media is excellent for this, especially when working with blogs. With the development of Google Caffeine (January 2010) there will be an even greater emphasis on real time content generated by blogs.

First, it is important to establish why we are doing this and what we want to achieve. Is it about acquiring more visitors - bringing people to your website in order to ultimately sell tickets, perhaps even to make money? Is it about converting visitors into customers? What social media might persuade people to become a customer? Reviews are very powerful.

The most powerful form of social media marketing is keeping customers loyal to you. What is your customer retention policy? Social media is excellent for keeping in touch. Finally, how do you intend to use social media to engage with your audiences, enabling them to participate and engage in what you are doing?

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