A digital marketing toolkit

A digital marketing toolkit


Ticketsolve, the ticketing, marketing, CRM, fundraising and memberships platform for arts and culture organisations have brought together a collection of tools that can be used for inspiration, to save time, to boost activity and, bottom line, to supercharge your digital marketing activity.

We think digital marketers are awesome - and they do an amazing job shouting about how incredible our organisations and sector are, keeping our audiences engaged, and displaying a real talent for the use of gifs and memes 😉

But, faced with a constantly changing sector, potentially shrinking budgets and shifting audiences, their job isn’t always easy. That’s why we’ve pulled together some helpful articles and resources that bring together tools that can be used for inspiration, to save time, to boost activity and, bottom line, to supercharge your digital marketing activity.

Email automations

Email Automation basically allow you send emails to your audience when they complete a certain action, hit a certain trigger, or within a certain time frame.  It’s a really efficient way of undertaking marketing key activity that would be extremely time-consuming to undertake manually, saving you lots of effort. And without using automations, there’s a chance that you’re missing out on opportunities to target and engage with your audience.

To launch you on your Email Automation journey, discover our Whitepaper, which explores triggers and workflows and provides you with lots of practical examples for implementing automation in your marketing campaigns 📧

Email automations are really easy to set up within Ticketsolve thanks to our handy integration with  simple-but-powerful email marketing tool, Mailchimp. This link allows you to set up workflows which will cause an email to be sent when your chosen trigger is hit. For all the ins and outs of Mailchimp automation, check out our comprehensive article.

Want to set up automations that triggered when customers purchase specific products - both in box office and online? We've got an article for that! We can also take you through the automation of emails for certain customer segments, including first-time customers and lapsed customers.

Audience targeting and segmentation

As you are probably aware, Audience Segmentation corresponds to the practice of dividing your audience into smaller groups, so you can target them with specific activity, tailoring messaging and activity directly to them. It’s a great way to improve your audience’s relationship with your organisation, and boost engagement.

It can seem like quite a daunting task and process, but with these tools we’ve got you covered - whether you’re looking to understand different segmentation types or just want ideas for quick-to-achieve, effective segmentations that you can set up and use 🥧

Not really sure where to start when it comes to segmentation? This academy session takes you through most of the key segmentation models within the arts so you an consider which one might work best for you.

One of the most effective ways to use segmentation is in your email marketing campaigns, check out our article to discover how to set this up within Mailchimp.

Want an illustration of how you can use segmentation? In this handy article, we provide an example of a key segment, how to find them within Ticketsolve and how you can target them for retention.

A key advantage of segmentation is being able to provide a personalised experience for customers - check out this guide on how to undertake personalised marketing activity.


The bread and butter of marketing activity, there are certainly lots of ways to define what a campaign actually is - but for us, it’s a series of activities, undertaken strategically, to achieve a certain goal. Within Ticketsolve and beyond, we’ve got a certain number of ideas and resources to make sure your campaigns are performing as well as they possibly can.

The goal of most digital marketers is to get the best bang for their buck on campaigns - discover Ticketsolve’s Customer Campaigns feature, and its associated reports, to find out how successful your campaigns were. Discover how to set up the feature and download reports on ROI 📈

If you're looking for some ideas to boost the return on investment in your campaigns, discover our case study with Pavilion Theatre, taking you through their use of social media to boost their campaign success here.

The best way to work out if your campaigns are performing how you’re expecting is to track them - find out how to do so through Ticketsolve thanks to our dedicated Academy session, or add the use of a handy Google Analytics tool to your digital marketing go-tos.

Reporting and understanding your data

It’s proven that getting to grips with our data can refine our strategies and tactics, boosting our digital marketing activity, improving engagement and guaranteeing higher efficiency.  But it’s not always easy to understand  data - especially when faced with changing tools and benchmarks - so we’ve popped together some tools to give you a helping hand.

First and foremost, we’ll hand over to the experts as we throw it back to our session on Augmenting Data in Your Decision Making which took place at this year’s Ticketsolve Forum, RECHARGE!, and which we helpfully recorded. Fiona Bell, CEO, Thrive Audience Development, Gail Jones, Communications Manager, Crescent Art Center, Becky Stewart, Assistant Arts Information and Education Officer, Island Arts Center, David Kinghan, Digital Content Manager, Ulster Orchestra, Miriam Crozier, Marketing Communications Manager, Ulster Orchestra, and Louise Boyce, Theatre Manager, Alley Theatre take you through how you can use your data to do things better.

Google Analytics 4 is without a doubt one of the most helpful tools for understanding how you are reaching to your audience and measuring the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. In this article, we take you through setting up GA4. If you'd rather watch a video guide, no worries: we also hosted One Further for a special Academy session on GA4 Setup, through which you can also find out more about One Further’s helpful (and free) reporting kit 👀

We’ve also rounded up some of our favourite Ticketsolve reports for marketers, allowing to to delve deeper into the data within Ticketsolve. this includes the order sources feature, which allows you to track where your customers heard about your venue or show, crossover reports, which allow you to understand your audience segments and develop your targeted strategies, and our device platforms report, which can be super helpful when planning marketing strategies based on whether customers are accessing your content via mobile or desktop.

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