A creative approach to engaging with audiences through social media

A creative approach to engaging with audiences through social media

By Amy Rushby


This case study gives an insight into the methods used by the RSC to engage with its audiences using social media and overview of how, using research as a starting point, the marketing team generated a high ROI using a creative approach to content and messages. It talks about how they worked with the team behind Matilda to give the RSC a new and more relaxed public face, concluding with mention of how they were able to track interactions in order to assess the impact and relate it back to the strategic aims.

Social media journey

This started in 2008: when Amy joined the RSC, there was a Facebook page and presence on MySpace and Bebo that nobody really knew about. So they started by scoping all the social media channels that were available at the time through desk research, identifying those that were most relevant to their target audiences.

They didn’t want to do everything at once, they wanted to focus on the ones that were going to pay dividends. So they started by moving from a Facebook group to a Facebook page, which offered more flexibility; they started a Twitter feed; they established a Flickr group; and a bit later they set up a YouTube channel.

They got people a little bit interested, but they had to work hard in the marketing team to promote the channels internally, building awareness that the RSC was on these channels, and gain buy-in across the organisation. The RSC approach on social media is to be responsive to people to contact them – it’s like a new customer service desk with people asking questions, giving feedback.

Resource type: Case studies | Published: 2013