53 Million Artists

53 Million Artists

By Jo Hunter


In October 2013, Jo Hunter and her colleague David Micklem started work on an idea called 53 Million Artists -  a campaign that aims to unlock the creative potential of every individual in England by getting them to Make Time, Do Stuff, Think About It, and Share It. Having secured two small grants from Arts Council England and support from the Cultural Institute at Kings College London, Jo identifies five key areas that has helped 53 Million Artists to get to where they are now and to embark on the second stage of the project.

4. Use your networks

Both David and I have worked in the arts for a long time and so have built up a range of colleagues and friends in the industry. We have both applied for probably hundreds of Arts Council grants on behalf of other people but it was quite daunting going in for ourselves! We asked for a meeting with some people we knew there (you can do this easily by finding out who is looking after your art form and your area) and talked through the proposition. We have since done that with other funders we’re approaching. If you don’t think you have a network in the arts, think further afield – you’ll be surprised who might be able to help you when you put your mind to it.

Resource type: Case studies | Published: 2014