25 rules for good fundraising

25 rules for good fundraising

By Michael Kaiser


These 25 hints, rules and guidelines are the distillation of Michael Kaiser’s great experience in fundraising for the arts and cultural sector, and are a checklist for arts marketers, development and fundraising staff and those whose role covers both areas.

1. Fundraising is most successful for organisations that create exciting art, pursue
aggressive marketing campaigns and are welcoming to new members of their

2. Fundraising is not begging; it is matching the needs of the donor to the needs of the organisation.

3. Always have a menu of projects to suggest to a donor. Do not come with a
presentation geared to a specific project unless you know upfront that this is the
one project they may fund.

4. The key to good fundraising is to listen. Listen to what the donor wants and gets
excited by. Then take time to respond with an appropriate proposal. Fundraising
is strategic – you are matching your needs to the donor’s needs.

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Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2013