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19th October 2013 Sara Lock

Engaging audiences with a touring theatre – one stop at a time

By: Jon Bradfield

When touring company Out of Joint tours a show, the marketing is a delicate balance between a focus on the production as an entity in itself, and a focus on the company’s ongoing work. This involves close collaboration with teams at those venues to which they tour and with whom they co-produce work.

As a touring company, a large part of communicating our brand with our consumers involves relationships with other brands: the theatres to which we tour and with which we sometimes co-produce. There are many different types of relationships out there between distinctive brands; as with O2 and the iPhone, our relationship with a theatre is exclusive. For the punter, there is only one place – and time – to see us. If you don’t catch us in that venue in that city in that single week in March, that’s it. So, for the majority of our customers, Out of Joint’s brand is accessed through performances at, and communications from, the theatres at which we appear.

| Published:2013

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