How to ... develop people-centred research collaborations
Fun Palaces. Photo Roswitha Chesher

How to … develop people-centred research collaborations

This guide offers practical tips on designing impactful research collaborations that put people first and allow new thinking to flourish ...
A back view of a woman recording in a music studio. She is holding her microphones while standing in front of a microphone and a studio control room.
Cottonbro Studio

How to … share research and evaluation findings through performance

It is common for findings from research and evaluation to be shared in reports and articles. But what other creative ...
An ensemble of violinists, guitarists, percussionists and guitarists perform on stage at Bridgewater Hall in front of a concert audience. They are backed by yellow and white lighting.
The Oracle at Bridgewater Hall. Photo by Gaelle Beri

How to … create intimate and intense ‘classical music’ experiences

Adam Szabo reflects on his experience as Artistic Director and Chief Executive of Manchester Collective and what practical steps it is ...
Image of three sculptures displayed on top of a green box. The background of colourful fabrics.
We Gather Exhibition at the Crafts Council Gallery, 2021. Vessels sculpture by Francisca Onumah. Photo by Ben Deakin.

How to … amplify diverse voices in research and evaluation

Dr Karen Patel provides practical tips on amplifying diverse voices in cultural sector research and evaluation ...
Two people walking together through Leeds University's Union building.
University of Leeds

How to … conduct a walking interview

This guide offers practical advice on using walking interviews and how this research methodology may help you gain deeper insights ...
A top down view of a woman painting a brown and red pattern on a plate at a crafts table.
Crafts Council Living Labs. Photo: Gene Kavanagh

How to … approach anti-racist audience and community research

This guide will help you think about some practical ways to carry out research that actively challenges racism and unconscious ...
Diagram of the wheel of change framework showing an outer circle and inner circle. Outer circle is four connecting arrows in green, purple, red and blue, containing the words 'OUTPUTS' 'ACTIVITIES' 'INVESTMENTS' 'OUTCOMES'. Inner circle is orange, containing the words 'AMBITIONS AND IMPACTS

Evaluation for change: A guide to planning a mixed-methods framework for evaluation

Are you looking for a fresh approach to evaluation that is flexible and can be tailored to the scale and ...
Photo taken through a window of three people sat in a coffee shop talking together
University of Leeds. Photographer: Andy Lord

How to … shape cultural policy through research

In partnership with DCMS, the Centre for Cultural Value has produced a ‘How to’ guide for researchers seeking to shape ...
Group of 4 dancers on pavement next to railings by a river
Image: The Lowry

How to … fail well

Owning and admitting openly to failure can be uncomfortable. But what do we mean by failure, and how can we ...
A crowd of people in an urban setting watch two actors perform. One is dressed as an astronaut and is holding the other on their shoulders. The second actor is reaching up to the sky.
Wakefield Council's Festival of the Moon. Photo Andrew Benge

How to… write a learning case study

We all learn in different ways - through our practice as much as through the evaluation that follows. But how ...