How to ... build reciprocity

How to … build reciprocity

In partnership with DCMS, the Centre for Cultural Value has produced a ‘How to’ guide for researchers seeking to shape ...
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Group of 4 dancers on pavement next to railings by a river
Image: The Lowry

How to … fail well

Owning and admitting openly to failure can be uncomfortable. But what do we mean by failure, and how can we ...
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How to… write a learning case study
Wakefield Council's Festival of the Moon. Photo Andrew Benge

How to… write a learning case study

We all learn in different ways - through our practice as much as through the evaluation that follows. But how ...
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Group dancing on a stage with rainbow-coloured material. Person in foreground holding material above their head.
Dance to Health Norwich. Photo: Becky Demmen

How to… co-create an evaluation

Co-creation is a term we may hear a lot, but an evaluation of your project that is genuinely co-created can ...
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Adult at left hand side of image has hands in the air with group of children with excited faces
Together to the Workhouse Door, with Sinfonia Viva, Orchestras Live. Photo: Charlie Jepson

Evaluation principles

These evaluation principles are a sharing of ideas to inform how evaluation is carried out and used in the cultural ...
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Multiple open books showing text pages
Photo: Unsplash

How to… find existing research

In this practical how to guide Dr Robyn Dowlen explains how to search for research that is relevant to your ...
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Sketches of infographics
Photo: Unsplash

How to… create infographics with impact

Find out how to create effective infographics to summarise your research or evaluation project, in this how-to guide from Nifty ...
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How to... develop a research question
Photo: Emily Morter, Unsplash

How to… develop a research question

Are there issues or challenges you face as an organisation? Are you or do you aspire to be a learning ...
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Two women dancing look at each other hands raised
Dance On, Yorkshire Dance. Photo: Sara Teresa

How to…broker a successful academic partnership

Are you interested in working with academics to create new knowledge and amplify understanding? This guide by Culture Forum North ...
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Two women in a park drawing on a map on a table
What Makes Gipton? A project by artist Andy Abbott commissioned by the East Leeds Project. Photo: Jules Lister

How to… co-commission research

Have you ever wanted to do research but didn’t have either the resources or expertise to do it alone? If ...
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