Essential reads

A performance group called "Without Walls" performs “Belly of the Whale”. They are stood on top of a seesaw-like sculpture in front of Wakefield Cathedral at Wakefield Council’s Seaside in the City.
Wakefield Council (Photo by Andy Hardwick))

My essential reads: Artists’ livelihoods

What do we know about artists' social and economic status? And why should this matter to the cultural sector and ...
A group of adults sat together at a table doing an arts and crafts activity using green paper.
Skippko Arts Team. Photo by Nicki Taylor.

My essential reads: The politics and possibilities of artists working with communities

Socially engaged art practices are those where a professional artist develops creative interventions in public rather than within a gallery, ...
People gathered around small boats on the edge of a dock.
‘Whose heritage matters? Working with community-based organisations at Dunga Beach cultural heritage site in Kisumu’. Photo by Beth Perry.

My essential reads: The value of culture in urban sustainability

Traditionally, sustainable development has been seen as having three main pillars – environmental, social and economic. But what role does ...
Close up image of Clare's Stitch Journal, squares of fabric with different stitched designs together
Stitch Journal. Clare Danek, 2020

My essential reads: pleasure, play and connection in everyday creativity

There has been a recent rise in interest in everyday creativity. This has ranged from people trying out new creative ...
Group singing
Photo: Hayley Rivera, Unsplash

My essential reads: the value of group singing

In her essential reads, Dr Yoon Irons shares her top articles on the value of singing groups for community group ...
Drawing of a spiders web and spider
'Anansi' by Ifinrod

My essential reads: storytelling, language and resistance

Do you work with people from diverse cultures? Perhaps you're exploring the role of language and storytelling in your practice? ...
My essential reads: cultural value and evaluation
Fun Palaces 2019. Photo: Roswitha Chesher

My essential reads: cultural value and evaluation

Are you thinking about approaches to evaluation and impact and how best to capture cultural value? How has cultural evaluation ...
Members of an audience standing and looking forward
University of Leeds

My essential reads: understanding audiences

When we think about audience research, are we hoping to engage people who are new to the arts, deepen the ...
Older people and young girl facing camera with hands crossed over their chests
To the Beat of a Different Drum, co-produced by RJC Dance and Yorkshire Dance. Photography: David Lindsay

My essential reads: co-creating value though audience engagement

How can cultural value be co-created with audiences in a democratic and collaborative way? Ben Walmsley shares seven recommended reads ...
Child looks at older woman, both doing crafts
Fun Palaces 2019. Photo: Roswitha Chesher

My essential reads: cultural democracy

What is cultural democracy and how have ideas about cultural democracy - from the radical to the pragmatic - influenced ...