Case studies

Sharing learning: How funders can support impactful research collaborations
Fun Palaces – Creative Cafe @ The Bureau Centre for the Arts, Blackburn 2022. Photo: Scott David Jackson

Sharing learning: How funders can support impactful research collaborations

This resource makes recommendations for funders and universities who want to support cross-sector research partnerships. The learning is drawn from ...
A person sat at a piano with a another person stood up next to them pointing at the music

Sharing learning: Embedding reflective practice in a mentoring programme for musicians – rb&hArts

rb&hArts is the designated arts team for Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust, providing a range of creative opportunities ...
Photo of an actor standing on a platform in front of water. A projection of a person in the background.
Slung Low, Flood Part 4. Image: Malcolm Johnson

Sharing learning: Reframing success and failure in artistic practice – Slung Low

In this case study, members from Slung Low theatre company discuss the challenges they faced in taking on their biggest ...
Children watching outdoor performance through railings
Back to Ours – Back to Bransholme. Photo: Jerome Whittingham @Photomoments

Sharing learning: Fostering good working relationships with audiences and collaborators – Back To Ours

In this learning case study Louise Yates from Back to Ours shares her experience of delivering a large-scale production for ...
Performers in site specific theatre
Grid Iron, Crude: An Exploration of Oil 2016. Photo: Eoin Carey

Sharing learning: The challenges with staging site-specific theatre – Grid Iron Theatre Company

Judith Doherty, Producer, Chief Executive and Co-Artistic Director of Grid Iron Theatre Company reflects on the challenges associated with staging ...
Sharing learning: Working in partnership with funders to foster learning - Yorkshire Dance
In Mature Company, Seacroft Grange. Photo: Aaron Howell

Sharing learning: Working in partnership with funders to foster learning – Yorkshire Dance

Rachel Kingdom, Development Manager for Yorkshire Dance, shares how their project, 'In Mature Company', can act as a template for ...
Dance performance
Birds of Paradise, Purposeless Movements 2019. Photo: Mihaela Bodlovic

Sharing learning: Developing personal access statements – Birds of Paradise Theatre Company

Here Mairi Taylor, Executive Producer of Birds of Paradise Theatre Company, reflects on how they as a company learnt from ...
Older woman in hat dancing
Dance to Health, Norwich. Photo: Camilla Greenwell

Sharing learning: Approaches to evaluating arts-in-health programmes – Aesop

Tim Joss, founder of Aesop, shares lessons from the Dance to Health programme, the role research and evaluation played and ...
Woman doing craft activities with wild flowers
Workshops with Burnfoot Community Gardeners and Moving Image Makers Collective. Photo: Karel Doing

Sharing learning: Developing a more tailored approach to audience engagement – Alchemy Film & Arts

Rachael Disbury, Production Director at Alchemy Film & Arts, shares how the organisation changed their approach to audience engagement, paying ...
Lit up castle with crowds
Mabinogi at Harlech Castle, Photo: Ben Davies

Sharing learning: Managing multiple agendas and ownership in large-scale projects – Cauldrons and Furnaces

Freelance project director Clare Williams reflects on managing multiple agendas and questions of ownership in complex, large-scale projects such as ...