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Group of 4 dancers on pavement next to railings by a river

How to… fail well

Owning and admitting openly to failure can be uncomfortable. But what do we mean by failure, and how can we ...
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Adult at left hand side of image has hands in the air with group of children with excited faces
Together to the Workhouse Door, with Sinfonia Viva, Orchestras Live. Photo: Charlie Jepson

Evaluation principles

These evaluation principles are a sharing of ideas to inform how evaluation is carried out and used in the cultural ...
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Safety concerns and a festive season in risk? Findings from the fourth wave of the Covid-19 participation monitor
Photo: The Lowry in Lockdown, Nathan Chandler

Safety concerns and a festive season in risk? Findings from the fourth wave of the Covid-19 participation monitor

As audience concern about increasing Covid cases grows, what does this mean for the festive season? Despite an uptick in ...
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Image shows the inside of a white cupboard space. Inside on the right hand side is a seated person in dark clothes wearing a gas mark. They are bent over as it's a confined space. At the front of the image is an aerosol can. To the left hand side is a small pot plant.
Theater in Quarantine - Mask Study 1, created by Jon Levin, Katie Rose McLaughlin and Joshua William Gelb; April 1, 2020 Pictured: Joshua William Gelb

Covid-19 and the global cultural and creative sector

This report by Anthony Sargent offers a truly global overview of research into the impacts and responses to the Covid-19 ...
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Multiple open books showing text pages
Photo: Unsplash

How to… find existing research

In this practical how to guide Dr Robyn Dowlen explains how to search for research that is relevant to your ...
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Sketches of infographics
Photo: Unsplash

How to… create infographics with impact

Find out how to create effective infographics to summarise your research or evaluation project, in this how-to guide from Nifty ...
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Group singing
Photo: Hayley Rivera, Unsplash

My essential reads: the value of group singing

In her essential reads, Dr Yoon Irons shares her top articles on the value of singing groups for community group ...
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Visitor to British Library taking photo of exhibit with mobile phone
Visitors to exhibitions at British Library St Pancras, Photo: David Jensen

Digital hybridity: a deep dive from our Covid-19 participation monitor

How are different types of audiences responding to the new ways of engaging with culture that have emerged over the ...
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Visitor in mask looking at manuscript in the British Library
Socially distanced visitors at the Hebrew Manuscripts exhibition at the British Library St Pancras, Photo: David Jensen

Wellbeing through Covid: a deep dive from our Covid-19 Participation Monitor

Which audiences have felt the impact on their wellbeing the hardest? And which arts, culture or heritage activities had the ...
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Children watching outdoor performance through railings
Back to Ours – Back to Bransholme. Photo: Jerome Whittingham @Photomoments

Sharing learning: Back to Ours – Back to Bransholme

In this learning case study Louise Yates from Back to Ours shares her experience of delivering a large-scale production for ...
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