Marketing Essentials Resources

   Marketing Essentials 2022 

 Develop a grounding in marketing in this 6   module online course

Marketing Essentials 2022 

Develop a grounding in marketing in this 6 module online course

Below you’ll find a selection of curated resources to support your learning across all six modules of the Marketing Essentials programme.

You’ll find many more useful resources on the AMA’s knowledge hub AMAculturehive. If there’s something you can’t find or if you have a case study you’d like to share just contact our Editor.

Modules 1 + 2

These resources explore the basic building blocks you need to get started including the marketing mix, finding out who your audiences are and segmentation tools.

Module 3

Your brand is more than just a logo – it’s every touchpoint with your audience. Explore how to build a successful brand, your key messages and positioning. Plus how to get your message across through media relations and storytelling.

Module 4: Objectives and planning

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How to develop a digital engagement strategy that works for your organisation

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Digital Audience Development

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SMART objectives

Module 5: Blended digital marketing

Module 6: Evaluation and reporting