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Accessible websites and delivery — getting started

Your website is the shop window to your organisation and its accessibility and usability is critical to the offering of inclusive content. Accessible websites are a critical tool in attracting and retaining visitors and audiences. They are an essential part of building an inclusive reputation and a valuable addition in supporting the profile of your … Read more

Effective fundraising strategy

This Digital Heritage Lab webinar recording will equip you with the necessary skills to start developing an effective fundraising strategy for your organisation. Michelle Wright explains how to create the right fundraising strategy for you, looking at how to strategically utilise different income streams and diversify your income portfolio. You will learn how to set … Read more

Digital Access and Inclusion — Getting started

This webinar recording is one of four Digital Heritage Lab webinars that took place in April and May 2020 to provide free support to small and medium sized heritage organisations during the COVID-19 pandemic.  In this webinar Becki Morris and Sarah Simcoe look at understanding and removing the barriers to digital inclusion; roles and responsibilities; … Read more

Georgia Rivers: Marketing beyond your core audience

How do you sell a product few people have heard of, many don’t think they need, and that costs a lot? What happens when your core audience is shrinking and lots of your content is available for free online? Where do you look for new audiences… and how would they find you? Opera Australia‘s Sales … Read more

Community Engagement

Community Engagement Issue 73 / Autumn 2019 Creative collaboration Reading through this issue of JAM you get a real sense of how important collaboration and participation is within community engagement. Or what Melissa Matthews from Suffolk Libraries calls: “creative democracy”. It’s only by challenging the status quo and valuing grassroots creativity that an effective bottom-up ... Read more

Using visitor personas to target audiences more effectively

Using visitor personas to target audiences more effectively By developing audience personas, organisations can better target their marketing campaigns for specific groups of customers. Personas can also help plan and prioritise which tools to use to best reach specific visitors. The Citizens Theatre in Glasgow successfully used this approach to focus their campaigns. (This conference ... Read more