Inclusivity and Audiences Day Resources

Inclusivity & Audiences Day 2024

A living collection of resources curated to support anyone interested in or actively working on inclusivity processes, diversity or audience development and inclusion.

A collection of resources to support AMA’s Inclusivity and Audiences Day 2024. This is a living collection of resources that will continue to evolve up to and after the event. The resources, just like the day itself, have been designed to both spark curiosity and also to support you on your journey to become an agent for change.  

One of your essential 7-a-day diet.  Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) is an essential part of our daily diet. Think about it like the veg and fruit we eat to keep us healthy – adding EDI work to our regular routine will help us make positive changes.

We’ll add to the selection of resources below in the run-up and after the event to add to our 7-a-day commitment to achieving collaborative and inclusive change.

A woman in a wheelchair on a catwalk wearing an elaborate costume.
House of Curio, House of Suarez Vogue Ball. Photo: @fotocad

Unlimited: Accessible Marketing Guide (May 2024)

Creative health framework cover
Courtesy the author

The Creative Health Quality Framework

Two volunteers pour over a manuscript at The Courtauld
Courtesy the author via The Courtauld

Case study: The Courtauld’s digitisation volunteer project

Four people in an airport lounge. A row of seats set back to back. A woman leans over to talk to a man. Both are wearing airport uniforms. A huge yellow, rubber duck on a seat next to the man who has his arms folded and legs crossed.
Flight, Dallas Opera. Photo by Lynn Lane

Stateside View: Make your DEI commitments mean more

Art for the many front cover
Photo Credit: Dylan Parrin | Coventry 2021

Future Trends: Addressing cultural and other inequalities at scale

Galwad case study front cover. A man looms over with arms outstretched. He's wearing tie-dyed white trousers and a large multi-coloured jacket.
Courtesy GALWAD

Case study: GALWAD and radical inclusion

Blurred figures move forward in the foyer at ACMI. One is a wheelchair user.
Courtesy acmi

Example: Disability Action Plan

Lots of people gatherinsmall groups outside an imposing glass and metal entrance to The Box,Plymouth
Courtesy The Box, Plymouth

Case study: Placing visitors at the centre of your launch

A Tube station platform with the warning Mind the Gap on the platform edge
Photo by Bruno Figueiredo on Unsplash

Mind the Gap: Career progression for Black marketing professionals

Visionaries report cover
Cover image: Detail from Remembering a Brave New World, by Chila Kumari Singh Burman Tate Winter Commission 2020 Image: Elizabeth Lynch

Visionaries: A South Asian arts and ageing counter narrative

A group of people at various points on along path using chalk to create an artwork
Courtesy The Audience Agency

Building meaningful participation

Group of people taking part in an activity.
AMA conference 2019 © Marion Botella

Video: Getting started with digital access and inclusion

Lizza Lane wearing an elaborate headdress of paper flowers and butterflies
Artist Lizza Lane. Photo © John Middleham

The impact of everyday creativity on community identity and cohesion

Several hands on top of each other
Image by Bob Dmyt from Pixabay

Rethinking Recruitment

A selection of many scrapstore bits and pieces including string, balloons, rubber bands, feathers, silver stars, paperclips, card and paper of various sizes, colours and shapes, straws, felt shapes and a pencil.
Courtesy Children's Scrapstore, Bristol

Ambassador programmes and increasing engagement with disadvantaged families

A young boy kneeling on a red carpet reaches out to a blue backpack.
A child using the fidget backpacks at Maidstone Museum. © Maidstone Museum

Welcoming families with special educational needs and disabilities