Digital Marketing Day 2022 Starter Kit

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Digital Marketing Day 2022

Explore a selection of resources that will introduce you to the themes of this year’s event.
We can’t wait to see you in London!

Digital Marketing Day 2022 is a day of packed learning – time out of the office that will save you time once you go back.

Our speakers will share the hacks, tips and tricks to help you align your activity, focus your marketing, and get the results you need (and still leave you time and energy for a life outside work…).

Below you can find a selection of resources based on the themes of the day, to kick start your understanding of why, when it comes to digital, less is more.


You don’t need to do it all. A collection of insights to help you filter out the noise and identify which new trends are worth spending time and budget on.

Social media is changing and so should we
Start moving from Instagram posts to reels if you want to keep up with the way the app is changing.

Social media is changing and so should we


Digital sustainability plays an important part on the road to net zero. Practical advice on how to measure and reduce your digital carbon footprint.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

How can we welcome the widest possible audience through our digital content and activity? Top resources that support and inspire change.

Strategy & Evaluation

The case for a strategic approach in a landscape that changes so quickly is a must. Guides and advice on planning, data, analysis and evaluation to keep you on track.

Tools & Tips

From SEO to productivity, from content writing to planning and analysis, there are a myriad of free and premium tools to support your digital marketing and engagement. We drill down into some of the best.