Embedding ‘digital’ to support organisational sustainability

In this Reflect, Share, Inspire ‘workshop style’ breakout session, Dr Amelia Knowlson and Dr Ruth Daly from the University of Leeds explore the importance of embedding a digital strategy within your heritage organisation to help you support and achieve your organisational goals. Drawing upon resources from the Digital Heritage Hub’s Digital Leadership and Digital Planning themes, they guide delegates through a series of tasks to help you to start thinking about how to embed digital within your organisation.

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Embedding ‘digital’ to support organisational sustainability

This recording has closed captions in English, simply click on the closed captions symbol CC on the video below. This workshop session has been edited and includes delegate activities and tasks. The recording is 24 minutes in length. Download session presentation: Embedding digital to support organisational sustainability(PDF 465KB ). More resources relating to this topic can be found in the Digital Heritage Hub session resource pack. Download transcript of this session (Word 48 KB).


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Approaches for digital transformation

This guide focuses on three approaches to digital transformation and what they can mean for your heritage organisation. Case studies explore how other organisations have embraced digital transformation, their experiences and the strategic pathways they have taken to change how they engage with their audiences.

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Changing how you connect: how digital can transform what your organisation offers

This resource outlines an example of how technological innovation might offer more than a ‘better service’ and instead become a key part of how audiences visit and work with your organisation. Through conversation with Judith Winters, editor of the online-only journal Internet Archaeology, this resource illustrates how digital innovation may completely transform the traditional ways of doing things and as such requires us to think differently about our practice.

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Open innovation: What your heritage organisation needs to know about how to benefit from collaboration across the cultural sector

This guide explores the concept of open innovation and considers, with examples, how organisations in the cultural sector have maximised the mutual benefits of sharing knowledge and resources.

Published: 2023
Resource type: Webinars and films

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Please attribute as: "Embedding ‘digital’ to support organisational sustainability (2023) by Dr Amelia Knowlson and Dr Ruth Daly supported by The National Lottery Heritage Fund, licensed under CC BY 4.0


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