Digitally Democratising Archives: Case Study 7

Bearwood Community Hub: Podcast: Celebrating Bearwood Women — with the support of Sandwell Community History and Archive Service (CHAS), and local community groups, this project invited women in Bearwood to add their voice to the historic record and create a new podcast: Celebrating Bearwood Women.

Digitally Democratising Archives: Case Study 7

1. Project overview

The key aims of this project were to:

  • Grow the representation of Bearwood women in local archives.
  • Increase Bearwood Community Hub’s knowledge and capability to contribute to local archives.
  • Learn, as individuals and as an organisation, how to create a podcast.
  • Increase awareness of the local archive service, what digital archiving is, and how to create one’s own archive.


2. Project stats

Data accurate as of April 2022:

  • 12 workshops were delivered as part of the core programme with 4 core participants.
  • A further 12 participants engaged virtually with a learning on-demand ‘Digitise my Dialogue’ web page.
  • Seven people engaged through an in-person talk to launch the event.
  • 278 people accessed the podcast in the first 7 days after its release.


3. Key successes

  • The oral histories of four Bearwood women will now be archived in Sandwell Community History and Archive Service (CHAS), accessible for future generations.
  • Bearwood Community Hub have created an open-to-all online resource on ‘how to digitise dialogue’ that can be shared widely amongst partners and interested parties: Digitise my Dialogue.
  • A digital oral history archive is now available to access for free online through a dedicated podcast.


4. Key learnings

The relationship with CHAS and a local history researcher led to lots of learning about how to build a community archive. This included: agreements and consent forms, the
structure of a good oral history interview, transcriptions, how to create a catalogue/index and how to officially deposit a new archive. Bearwood Community Hub now have their own index ref and can continue to add to and grow the new archive for perpetuity.


5. Top tip

Spontaneous campfire dialogues are magical so have your agreement and consent forms on a device in your back pocket, just in case.


6. Link to digital outputs


7. Attribution

Digitally Democratising Archives (2022) by The Audience Agency supported by The National Lottery Heritage Fund, licensed under CC BY 4.0.

Digitally Democratising Archives (Opening Archives) was an action research project, designed and led by The Audience Agency, supporting 10 organisations to explore archives, community engagement and digital tools. It was funded by National Lottery Heritage Fund in 2021/22 as part of the as part of the Digital Skills for Heritage’s Connect Heritage programme.

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Published: 2022
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Please attribute as: "Digitally Democratising Archives: Case Study 7 (2022) by The Audience Agency supported by The National Lottery Heritage Fund, licensed under CC BY 4.0


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