Digital trends: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI or Artificial intelligence is undisputedly the digital trend of 2023 but what is AI and what impact will it have on the heritage sector in the coming years? In this Reflect, Share, Inspire online session, Jo Burnham explains what AI is and the ways in which it can help support day to day tasks within your heritage organisation.

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Digital trends: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

This recording has closed captions in English, simply click on the closed captions symbol CC on the video below. This recording is 54 minutes in length. Download session presentation: Digital trends: Artificial Intelligence (AI)(PDF 4MB). More resources on digital trends can be found in the Digital Heritage Hub session resource pack. Download transcript of this session (Word 59KB).


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A woman in a yellow jacket sitting on a rock with arms raised aloft, admiring a countryside view

Tools and resources to keep up-to-date with emerging digital trends

Keeping up with digital trends can be daunting for a small to medium-sized heritage organisation. Limitations on your time and budget make it challenging to research and understand which emerging digital activity might be of interest or benefit to your organisation. This guide aims to signpost tools and resources you can access to keep abreast on what’s new in digital.

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What implications and opportunities should we consider when using 3D scanning or printing to create 3D digital models from our collections?

As 3D scanners and printers become more affordable, 3D modelling may increasingly be considered as a part of your heritage organisation’s digital strategy. This guide reviews key policy areas on the use and dissemination of digital assets including implications of intellectual property (IP). It also discusses the key aspects to consider when thinking about creating 3D models of your collection.

Screenshot of heatmap of new archaeological sites in Devon

Image analysis for heritage mapping, using open-access software and remote sensing data

New technology allows us to discover and map previously unknown examples of archaeological sites. Working with a team of 60+ volunteers, the Unlocking Landscapes project used open-access software and remote sensing data to undertake a systematic search for new archaeological sites across all 638 parishes of Devon and Cornwall.


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Published: 2023
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