Video: Digital heritage leadership briefing – Artificial Intelligence (AI)

To accompany the release of the Artificial Intelligence: a digital heritage leadership briefing, a webinar was hosted by The National Lottery Heritage Fund on 16 November 2023. The speakers included Dr Mathilde Pavis, the author of this briefing and an expert in intellectual property law, ethics and new technologies, and Josie Fraser, Head of Digital Policy at The National Lottery Heritage Fund. This webinar discussed Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the context of the UK heritage sector – the use of AI and its impact on the sector.

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Video: Digital heritage leadership briefing – Artificial Intelligence (AI)

This recording has closed captions in English, simply click on the closed captions symbol CC on the video below. This recording is 50 minutes in length.

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Artificial Intelligence: a digital heritage leadership briefing

The National Lottery Heritage Fund commissioned Dr Mathilde Pavis to produce a snapshot of what innovation in Artificial Intelligence (AI) looks like across the UK heritage sector. This guide can help you decide whether to, how and when to use AI within your heritage organisation.

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Digital trends: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI or Artificial intelligence is undisputedly the digital trend of 2023 but what is AI and what impact will it have on the heritage sector in the coming years? In this Reflect, Share, Inspire online session, Jo Burnham explains what AI is and the ways in which it can help support day to day tasks within your heritage organisation.

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Doing digitisation on a budget: a guide to low-cost digital projects

Digitisation can include making copies of physical originals in digital form, such as by scanning or photographing collections. It can also include projects that improve the quality or management of your existing digital collections. This guide was produced with the aim of sparking creative thinking on how your own digitisation project can use or adapt strategies that have been tried and tested by others.


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