Video: How to get the most from your digital content on social media ― a roundtable discussion

In this roundtable discussion Delphine Jasmin-Belisle, Head of Development and Membership at The Heritage Alliance, is joined by Steven Ash Digital Volunteer at Wentworth Woodhouse in Rotherham, Fr. Brian Watters Curate at St Peter’s Cathedral in Belfast, and Jocelyn Murdoch, Content and Communications Manager at Kids in Museums. This fantastic panel share their experiences of finding, creating and sharing digital content on social media.

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Video: How to get the most from your digital content on social media ― a roundtable discussion

This video is 22 minutes in length and has English closed captions. Simply click on the closed captions symbol CC on the video below to select the captions.

Download transcript of English captions (Word file 32kb).


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How can heritage organisations keep up to date with social media content trends?

Social media can boost your heritage organisation’s profile and share your content with broader audiences and communities. In this resource Andrew Davis explains how to make use of digital trends and how to find out about them.

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Video: How to get the most from your digital content on social media

Sarah Shaw, Programme Manager at the Heritage Alliance, shares top tips on getting the most from your digital content on social media. Packed full of examples and tools, this video focuses on four key areas for successfully sharing your content on social media: digital content planning, keeping it legal, social media trends and raising your profile.

A woman in a blue coat and pink jumper smiles and examines a sculpture at the National Museum of Art, Cardiff

The leader’s guide to social media

Social media enables heritage institutions and practitioners to participate, preserve and interpret heritage content and practice. It can also support your heritage organisation to market itself and raise awareness of its practice to local, national and international audiences. This guide will provide a brief overview of social media platforms, tips for using them effectively to encourage participation and how they can be used to improve marketing and fundraising in your organisation.


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Published: 2022
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