50. How do I gain consent from rights holders and identifiable people to openly licensed content?

Open licensed content (an open license or free license is the legal statement that allows free content to be free to to use it how you want) are a great way to expand the reach and usability of the digital content you're sharing online. It can also be a requirement for funded projects you may be undertaking. Use this easy how-to guide to navigate your way through this process.

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In this resource, Naomi Korn Associates’ Senior Consultant Debbie McDonnell describes what you need to know when seeking permission to use other people’s in-copyright content in your open licensed asset. This includes consideration of the Creative Commons licence required as part of National Lottery Heritage Fund grants, and features a helpful Licence Agreement Template.


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You've mastered the basics and now you want to fine tune your digital skills and knowledge. You're looking for new ideas and inspiration to achieve what you want to achieve.

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